I am working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Prof. Jane Hunter's eResearch Lab at The University of Queensland, Australia. I received my PhD from the National University of Ireland, Galway, under the supervision of Dr. Siegfried Handschuh and Prof. Dr. Stefan Decker, while I was working for the Digital Enterprise Research Institute.

My PhD thesis was centred around building models and associated tools to capture the linear, rhetorical and argumentation structures hidden within scientific publications, with the goal of exposing as Linked Data the intrinsic argumentative discourse networks that span within and across these publications. The topic goes in the direction of Semantic Authoring and Publishing, or the newly emerging field of Digital Scholarship. I continue to work on it, especially in the context of the W3C HCLS Scientific Discourse TaskForce.

My current work also includes building community-driven knowledge curation platforms and modelling and capturing expertise from fine-grained micro-contributions. More specifically, in the context of the SKELETOME project, we look at combining ontologies, Linked Data, information extraction and collaboration aspects to enable novel ways of curating knowledge in the skeletal dysplasia domain. As the knowledge is being contributed by a community of experts, we're interested in acquiring its provenance, in addition to modelling the expertise of the contributors. In this case, the innovation comes from using fine-grained micro-contributions for building the expertise profile, rather than whole documents / publications.